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Global Asset Advisors, Inc.

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Total Asset Protection - Legally, Quickly, Conveniently, Inexpensively and Privately



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Find out how real people just like you are asset-protecting their homes, real estate, accounts and mutual funds/stock


What is asset protection?


Be 100% Judgment-proof


Creditor Lien/Seizure Protection

Prevent Lawsuits

Prevent Any Attack on Assets

Prevent Any Kind of Hostile Liens


Works with any estate or tax planning



We provide comprehensive planning and packages customized to YOU at reasonable cost. We form them, transfer assets into them for you, service them and consult for them.


Full-service asset-protected corporations, LLCs and family limited partnerships.  U.S. Grantor International Asset Protection Trusts, IBCs to protect you from anyone taking your assets.



Capital Asset, Inc in continuous business since 1990. 'A' BBB rating

Global Asset Advisors, Inc. 'A+' BBB rating


Never a single complaint to Better Business Bureau.



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Global Asset Advisors, Inc.

'A+' BBB rating


Lawsuits against you

Lawsuits against your business


Creditor seizures/charging orders


Liens by attorneys, creditors or contractors


If you're already being sued


If you're already behind in debt payments


Elderly asset protection


If you're an investor


If you're a physician


The IRS is not a creditor! We do not protect against IRS liens or collection in any way. We do not do loan modification or negotiate with creditors for you. You cannot declare bankruptcy and protect your assets. 




It does not matter where you live - our asset protection works in all 50 states


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