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We form and service foreign IBCs and U.S. Grantor offshore trusts for your easy, fast asset protection.


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Living Trust



Full-Service International Business Corporations or LLCs


Nevis, Belize, BVI, Cook Islands, Western Samoa


**We do not open offshore accounts for individuals or corporations

**We do not take tax evaders as clients**

Full ID required of you to form offshore LLC or IBC

We do not 'hide' you or your money offshore


IBCs and foreign LLCs are NOT for U.S. tax evasion. You must report all offshore income if you are the signer or beneficial owner of an offshore account. even if a corporate account


Included in IBC formation:

Nominee Directors/Members if desired

Fast Formation/Filing within 3-4 business days



For  IBCs, we recommend Belize or Western Samoa.

For LLCs, we recommend Nevis.


Western Samoa



Belize is located on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America. It has a stable, democratic government and has been forming IBCs since 1990.


The International Financial Services Industry including banks in Belize is well regulated and has specific legislation for the prevention of money laundering and fraud. Belize is not on any OECD/FATP black list.


No service provider of Belize IBCs and Belize bank accounts can operate without a rigid vetting and investigation procedure thus ensuring control, approval and due diligence for the client.


The laws of Belize ensure the freedom, confidentiality and privacy of the individual. Belize is the only country that has no statute on fraudulent conveyance and does not honor any other country's statute on fraudulent conveyance.


No information about identity of directors and or shareholders need be filed on public record. An IBC's Register of Shareholders is available for inspection only by shareholders or by order of the Belize Courts at the request of any shareholder


Belize IBCs are not subject to any tax treaties with any country, including the U.S.


No public filing requirements except Memorandum and Articles of Association. No need for annual returns or audited accounts.


Bearer shares may be issued.


No income tax in Belize. No capital gains or transaction tax. An IBC can conduct its business in any foreign currency it chooses, free of any Belizean government regulation or restriction.

Western Samoa has excellent legislation regarding offshore companies, tax liabilities and asset protection. Western Samoa is not party to any mutual assistance, gateway, or information exchange agreements unlike some of the British Dependent Territories. While taking a hard line on money laundering and fraud, Samoa has legislated to protect the confidentiality of its International Companies. In addition to common law protection, it is a legislated criminal offence to divulge any information regarding the shareholders, officers or operations of a Samoan International Company.

The International Companies Act expressly denies any right to disclose information that "will, or is likely to, result in the payment of any tax, other penalty or any fine by the company" (section 227 (4) (c) of the Act). Western Samoan legislation also gives far reaching powers to an International Company. Of particular interest to prospective clients is Article 4, Schedule 1 of the International Companies Act, 1987 (Section 20). It states that under The Powers of an International Company "it may acquire, hold, dispose of or deal with the whole or any part of the undertaking of any other company, association or business".

A court order is only possible in cases of improper conduct of directors during winding up, fraud or dishonesty, or money laundering. Also, in Western Samoa the definition of "debt" specifically excludes any "taxation, fines or penalties imposed by any government". A foreign taxation authority is therefore unable to petition the court for the winding up of an International Company in Western Samoa for the recovery of tax related debts, because the court cannot recognize any taxation payable as debt.

In addition, in Western Samoa, the statutory limitation for a creditor to petition the court for the reinstatement of a corporation previously struck off is only two years (Section 197 (6) of the Act). The comparable limitation period in some other countries is ten years, giving rise to a period of contingent liability five times greater than that of Western Samoa.

Nevis LLCs combine the lawsuit protection of a corporation with the creditor asset protection of a limited partnership. Owners of Nevis LLCs are shielded from any legal liability even if they manage the LLC. A Nevis LLC has no shares to be seized by any court of law. Owners and members are not listed anywhere, giving complete privacy.



Why International Trust is Often Better Protection

 Than IBC

Uses of an IBCNeed an IBC?

Why Go Offshore?

For persons unfamiliar/inexperienced with offshore accounts:

Going offshore entails complex tax reporting requirements. We will advise you in general but we are not a CPA firm. We can recommend you to a good CPA if desired.

TRADERS ALERT: If you like to own and trade U.S. stocks, bonds, options, currencies and mutual funds, and buy these through an IBC rather than through an account held in your own name, they usually are not liable to U.S. capital gains taxes. For Treasury bonds, bank CDs, futures and commodities, no U.S. withholding taxes are payable on such incomes as long as the IBC does not open an office or

carry on other business in the United States. Some Offshore IBCs legally have no income tax returns to file with the United States IRS or with any other country's tax department. However if you are the beneficiary of the account, you must report income.

We guarantee your offshore entity is completely bulletproof from lawsuits, seizure, audits. We provide free unlimited consultation, with court and battle-tested, proven strategies.

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Advantages of Offshore Trusts - click here

Advantages of a Offshore International Business Corporations (IBCs):

  • Bank secrecy laws prohibit disclosure of information about a client's affairs to a third party without a customer's written permission.

  • Secret shares permitted.

  • IBCs are honored, recognized and respected world-wide. You can take an IBC anywhere in the world, do business, invest, or open an account.

  • U.S. courts and their judgments have NO jurisdiction offshore. You still must report offshore income.
  • You do NOT have to be a U.S. citizen or resident.
  • Excellent computer and phone communications, stable government, English-speaking, pro-business.

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International Asset Protection Trust

Click here to see why a international asset protection trust is the only truly bulletproof option, especially if you are currently being pursued by creditors or already being sued.

Collapsing Bridge Technique

Using an international asset protection trust as part of a Nevada Family Limited Partnership enables you to control your assets at all times, transferring to the foreign trustee only during times of lawsuit or creditor attack.


This combination is useful to everyone and essential for estates of $1 million or more. We can discuss the details with you in private consultation.


Just like a revocable living trust, the offshore asset protection trust (also known as a U.S. Grantor trust) allows you to avoid probate and distribute your assets to your heirs. Since it is governed by an offshore jurisdiction, the trust is not subject to U.S. claims or orders from U.S. courts.

FAQ ABOUT THE International Asset Protection TRUST


First of all, control is rarely passed to the foreign trustee except during crisis periods when you are under active attack with a major lawsuit. Otherwise the client retains control of the local (U.S. based entities) that hold the assets. We use professional trustees in Belize and the Cook Islands who do nothing but this and have done it for years. You have the option of using a private trust company, which is a company owned and controlled by the Settlor. A private trust company should not be used during a crisis period but can be used at all other times. The client has full control over this private trust company as the Trust Protector and has no need to worry about assets disappearing.

Also, in the Integrated Lawsuit Prevention Trust the settlor can be the protector and as such has the power to remove and replace trustees, double-sign checks, veto investment decisions and veto distribution decisions.


Many clients think that asset protection is only for the super wealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have $400,000 and that is all you have and you spent your life, to this point, acquiring it then you want to protect it. Why lose it all in one spin of the legal crap game we call justice? Our goal is to provide affordable asset protection. That is the foundation of why this business was started. We are not here just to provide protection for the high net worth individual.


No, you do not. Ideally if all of your assets were out of the country and controlled by the Integrated Lawsuit Prevention Trust that would be the perfect scenario. But, it is not necessary at all. When a crisis comes the control can pass to the foreign trustee. However, in many cases assets such as real estate continue to be held by your asset protected entities here in the U.S.


There are close to 25 foreign jurisdictions that have various forms of asset protection law. Should a jurisdiction change their law in a manner that is unfavorable to asset protection, the entity can easily be moved elsewhere. To date this has not happened. In fact it is just the opposite, with the jurisdictions strengthening their laws and not weakening them.



We do all this complicated planning and set up for you, all customized to YOUR needs.

Read what our existing clients have to say

Beware the following international financial scams: Nigeria, offshore investment or currency clubs, Netherlands lotto, and family overseas inheritance! If you want an IBC because you think you're getting millions from one of these, click here


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