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International Business Corporations are ideal for sheltering cash assets!

With an IBC, your assets can be legally shielded from lawsuits, claims, overreaching creditors, disgruntled relatives, high taxes and  confiscation of property (also known as "civil asset forfeiture.")

IBCs are NOT for tax evasion. We do not take tax evaders as clients.

Some potential uses for an IBC:

 -Investment Holding Company - Stocks, bonds, precious metals and mutual funds individually or in brokerage accounts can all be held by an IBC allowing for anonymity of ownership for you and management under one corporate name.

 -Holding Intellectual Property - royalties and licensing fees for patents, trademarks and copyrights may be held in a tax-free environment.

 -Consulting Services
- setting up a consulting service in an international jurisdiction can increase your earning potential by minimizing taxes and operating expenses.

- register your ship or boat abroad for minimum tax and liability. Operation costs are minimized when using personnel from developing countries.

 -Open a bank or brokerage account
- brokerage and trading accounts. Engage in maximum-privacy banking.

 -Lawsuit Prevention - Assets held in the IBC are not subject to any estate tax when you die.

Why Offshore Trust is Often Better Protection Than IBC



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Advantages of IBCs

 -An IBC and its shareholders can be exempt from the payment of offshore business license fees, income taxes, corporation taxes, can taxes, capital gains taxes or any other taxes on income or distribution in connection with any transaction two which the IBC or the shareholder is a party.

No estate, inheritance, succession or profits tax is payable to any offshore haven with respect to its shares, debt obligations or other securities.

The minimum number of subscribers and directors is one. Names of shareholders are not recorded in any public registry. No filing of financial statements or annual returns listing shareholders is required. We supply the nominee director for you.

Meetings of directors and shareholders may be held by telephone or tax or other electronic means.

An IBC is not subject to any offshore currency exchange control regulations.

Government registration and annual fees are low.

No offshore tax returns are required of any kind.

Any account may be held in any currency. Any account may be held in a money market fund.




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