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Much lower taxes for those running active businesses from their own state.
A way to prevent any contractor, company, individual or government agency  from placing a lien on your home, bank accounts or other assets.
A way to easily pass assets to heirs without expensive estate tax or probate.

Protection from any creditors wanting to come after you.
A way to completely get rid of the financial demands and snooping of an ex-spouse, and keep assets out of reach of a soon-to-be ex-spouse.

We are the oldest asset protection firm in existence and the only one that guarantees bulletproof asset protection to you. The kind of protection that NO ONE can penetrate. The kind of protection you get ONLY from a properly set up corporation in the privacy-guarding state of Nevada along with our battle-tested, tried, tested and proven strategies to make yourself completely private and protected from anyone seeking to sue you, lien you, and track the movement of your money. We have many years of actual trial experience in the field of asset protection, and are the only firm that closely watches all state/federal cases relating to asset protection around the U.S. so we always know the best way to protect you.

Without asset protection, many of us could suddenly lose everything we’ve worked for

You know we live in a ‘litigious society’. But do you know what that means to you?

 -Nine out of ten lawsuits in the whole world are filed in the United States
 -A new lawsuit is filed every 30 seconds.
 -The fastest growing group of new millionaires in 2002-2003 were lawsuit winners.
 -If you own a business or practice a profession you have two chances in three of being named a Defendant in a lawsuit in the next year. One in  -three chance if you’re an individual. And it will only get worse. It is estimated that there are over 150,000 law school students in school right now. Already we have 3 times as many lawyers as doctors in this country. How do they all earn a living? Lawsuits are their bread and butter.
 -Doctors are the #1 target of hungry attorneys, followed by small business owners.
 -67% of all lawsuits exceed malpractice or liability insurance coverage limits. You are personally liable for the excess.
 -An attorney needs only 10 minutes to find every asset you've ever owned, past to present. A more detailed search using their private investigator will turn up assets you've tried to hide in your father's brother's uncle's best friend's name. Putting assets into the name of family or friends does NOT work.

Any of these events could leave you in debt:

 -A negligence or injury claim, whether justified or not, that exceeds any insurance coverage you may have.
 -Breach of contract through no fault of your own
 -A professional malpractice suit
 -Lawsuits from disgruntled business partners or employees
 -Huge fines for violating state or federal law because of the actions of an employee
 -Claims from creditors should your business fail
 -Catastrophic medical bills
 -Seizure of your home or other assets without due process by the U.S. Customs, other government agencies with forfeiture power
 -A huge tax bill and escalating penalties following an IRS audit

Be Free of Estate Tax and Probate When You Die

Most of your estate could go to the government, not to your heirs. Because a corporation has a life of its own, and a properly setup Nevada, Delaware or Wyoming corporation allows you to pass assets without tax or probate, a carefully designed corporate strategy allows you to care for your loved ones free from probate and other legal and tax problems. Our expertise makes it easy and convenient for you to leave all your assets to your heirs, without probate or estate tax.
Operate Tax Free
Business-friendly Nevada and Wyoming is tax heaven for Companies and Individuals:

 -No corporate income tax/ no state income tax
 -No succession tax
 -No gross receipts tax
 -No stamp tax
 -No tax on issuance of corporate shares
 -No gift tax
 -No stock sale or transfer tax
 -No inheritance tax
 -No inventory tax
 -No estate tax
 -No franchise tax
 -No personal state, city or country income taxes
 -No capital stock tax
 -Lower property taxes than most state
 -No intangibles tax

You Are Completely Protected and Anonymous

Nevada and Wyoming still believe in the independence of the old West. The people believe in small government that doesn’t meddle in the business of its citizens.  Many other states now allow lawsuits to “pierce the corporate veil,” and enforce personal liability for the debts and actions of the corporation on its officers and directors. But Nevada and Wyoming law makes the actions of a corporation’s representatives exempt from personal responsibility except in case of outright fraud, and requires prosecutors to meet a nearly impossible three-prong test to prove fraud.

Aged Corporations

We have aged Nevada corporations available for those that need a company 1-5 years old or older. These corporations are guaranteed never used, clean, and come with all the same services as a new corporation set up from scratch for you.

 -No minimum start up capital required
 -No need to operate your business out of Nevada. Keep your home state corporation.
 -No annual reports necessary
 -Shareholders and directors need not be residents of Nevada (or even US citizens) and do not need to come to Nevada to form the corporation
 -Nevada has one of the lowest incorporating costs in the U.S.
 - No need to list the assets of the corporation
 - A Nevada, Delaware or Wyoming corporation can own property in any state without having to be incorporated in that state
 -One-person corporations allowed
 -Director and shareholder meetings may be held anywhere in the world
 -No delay – We will form your Nevada, Wyoming or Delaware corporation in as little as 24 hours
 -Protect your assets from lawyers and lawsuits
 -Guarantee your complete financial privacy
 -Slash your personal and business taxes
 -Preserve your estate for your heirs without probate or tax
   -Complete protection from lawsuits, collections
 -No reciprocity or exchange of Information with the IRS
 -You don’t have to live in Nevada, or be doing active business. International citizens can own a Nevada corporation as well as U.S. citizens.
 -Nevada, Delaware and Wyoming corporations work well in concert with your existing home state corporation, to protect you from lawsuits, collectors or bankruptcy and to lower your taxes.  Hear, and learn from, one of our client’s stories – before he came to us. Don’t let this be you:


Terry Jamison thought he had it all – a beautiful home for his family, the Mercedes SL convertible he’d always wanted, a growing list of investments, his children in excellent, private schools, dream vacations to the Caribbean with his wife. But that all changed when he was served with process naming him as a Defendant in a major lawsuit. It didn’t matter that he was convinced he had done nothing wrong – the actions were those of one of his employees, not himself. He was not allowed in court to say how much liability insurance he carried, and it wasn’t enough to cover even half of the judgment. The lawyer bringing the suit was able to easily find all of his assets, blew through those and the assets of his wife as well. Fees for the attorneys he was forced to hire for his defense were astronomical, beyond his ability to pay. He still owes his attorney for his own legal costs. The children are back in public school and vacations are a thing of the past. The house was sold and the family lives in a small apartment. Terry has no more savings - his retirement account was liquidated.

A few comments we’ve received recently from clients:

 “I can foresee tax savings in the high six figures. Had we not received your strategic advice, we would have missed these opportunities to save on our taxes.”B. Danson, Nashville TN.
“I’ve checked the Internet. I’ve attended seminars. Capital Asset Management Associates, Inc provides the best service for the best price. They’re very professional” Sam Rossnagel, San Pedro, CA

“I can’t believe I had my Nevada LLC complete, in 24 hours.” C.I. Hansen, Fairbanks, AK
“My advisor, and Mitten seminars I’ve attended were recommending complicated trusts and family partnerships that would cost over $20,000 but you’ve shown me all the protection I want with simple, low –cost Nevada Family Limited Partnerships and LLCs”. J. Aspinall, Salt Lake City, UT


Asset and Liability Protection

Under the law, a corporation is an artificial ‘person’, completely separate from the people who own and operate it. This is different from an individual or sole proprietorship, where the owner bears full and complete financial responsibility for his actions. Because it is an independent entity, a corporation’s debts and taxes are separate from those of its owners, officers and directors. Therefore, a corporation provides an individual, whether in business, salaried or on commission, with the greatest personal liability protection.
Complete Privacy

There is a reason why almost all successful people choose to incorporate. It permits them to manage their assets anonymously. Their private corporate lives are not made public. Only in Nevada can a corporation be set up so that, while you own and control your corporation, your identity and ownership can remain a total secret. Some individuals choose to have separate corporations for their larger assets such as a home, brokerage account, rental property, boat or RV. We can even structure your corporation so that your social security number is never disclosed.

Your corporation can maximize profits by taking advantage of the tax laws. A corporation can write off most purchases of goods, vehicles, and services as expenses. By organizing your activities so that much of the profit goes to a corporation in tax-free Nevada, you can dramatically increase your net income. You pay the government less – and take home more!

A corporate structure allows you to place different projects under separate corporations. You retain complete control of all projects. But if one runs into trouble, it won’t suck the profits away from the other, more successful projects. Without incorporation, your profitable projects would have top ay the debts of any unsuccessful ventures!
Estate Benefits

Because a corporation existence is perpetual, your corporation can outlive you. By using estate-planning strategies that are possible ONLY with Nevada-based corporations, you can pass your estate to your children without going through probate. This can save substantial legal costs and inheritance taxes. 


1. Using our expertise, you may transfer money into your corporation, legally with no paper trail (preserving your financial privacy).  Financial privacy to this level is a crucial part of complete asset protection.
2. Our corporation setup for you allows your corporation to borrow or LEND money to any individual or entity including officers, directors, and shareholders of the company. This is one way to take money out of your corporation without incurring a taxable event. A Nevada corp. can own real estate in any state in the country without registering with that particular state. 
3. You may transfer by quitclaim deed any real estate, other than your residence, currently held in your name to your Nevada corp. 
4. You may use your Nevada Family Limited Partnership or Corporation to create 'equity stripping liens' against your primary residence and any other real estate you need to leave in your name, to shield any equity in the house from seizure (this is what OJ Simpson and many others have done successfully). You then retain your mortgage interest deduction by keeping the house in your name. IF any other liens are recorded against your property in a lawsuit, you can foreclose on your equity stripping lien and wipe out any subsequent liens. equity stripping liens are possible ONLY with a properly set up corporation that you are invisible behind. Lawyers don’t want you to know this strategy, because they’re cheap and they can’t make money from them! What they sell you to protect property will cost thousands – whereas a properly constructed equity stripping lien costs under $100 and gives ironclad protection. 
5. You may use your Nevada FLP or corporation to buy any new real estate. A Nevada corporation is allowed to do so, even if the corporation has no existing assets or a credit rating. 
6. You may use your Nevada corporation to open an online or stock account. Your nominee officer can sign any forms necessary to open it. Use the Nevada corporation to purchase capital goods like car, RV, construction equip, store inventory, etc. Then you personally lease back any of these items to your home state corporation. A leasehold cannot be sued. Your home state corporation continues to use the assets as always, but they are leased from your Nevada corporation. 
7. Nevada has NO state income taxes. If you live in a high-tax state, Nevada saves YOU money.

Equity Stripping Liens

Equity stripping liens are a very powerful, tried, tested and true strategy that we advise all of our clients to use. They are the #1 strategy of ALL top real estate developers and America’s wealthiest families, and have been for 100 years. They allow you to keep certain assets in your name, while still keeping them 100% protected. For instance, most people want to keep their own home in their names so they can take the interest deductions on their own tax return. Most people want to keep their personal bank checking account or brokerage account  in their name. Yet they want these assets 100% protected from judgment or seizure.
We prepare equity stripping liens with consideration for our clients at no charge, saving them hundreds to thousands of dollars per lien charged by other professional lien services. We fully advise our clients exactly how to use their Nevada corporation form and place the liens, where to get the forms, how to fill them out, where to record them, etc. It can all be done quickly and easily under our guidance, and they provide absolute protection. They are completely legal, inexpensive to place, easy to remove when needed, and absolutely guaranteed to protect you

How Nevada Compares to Other States

Here’s how Nevada compares to another popular state in which to incorporate – Delaware. Delaware is designed for public companies, and NOT for asset protection. Delaware lists you publicly as an owner/officer of your corporation. Your assets are not protected if your name/social security number can be associated with them, even within a corporation.



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 -Purchase new property anonymously
 -Equity-strip property you need to keep in your name, but still want to protect from anyone judgment-liening or seizing the equity in the property

 -The corporate account we set up for you CANNOT be sued as an asset of yours.
 -Lien bank accounts you need to leave in your name

 -Lien accounts receivable, business accounts, the business itself
 -Hold ownership of any business equipment which you can then lease back to your operating business


Our incorporation package provides everything you will need to form your new corporation and operate legally with complete asset protection. It’s quick and affordable.
1. A prestigious registered agent address (not a PO Box) for your new corporation
2. One full year of resident agent and registered office service for your corporation
3. Initial shares of stock authorized for immediate use.
4. A consulting membership allowing you to call a toll free number to ask questions. Our setup and corporate strategies have all been battle-tested tested in the real world against the toughest attorneys and courts imaginable – and we guarantee them to be impenetrable.
5. Complete paralegal services to execute a variety of Asset Protection strategies, including General Assignment, Assignment of Promissory Note, Bill of Sale, Deed, Deed of Trust, Deed of Full Reconveyance, Assignment of Deed of Trust, Employment Agreement, Corporate Telephone Number, Leases, Mortgage, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Promissory Note, Power of Attorney, Revocation of Power of Attorney, Stock Purchase Agreement, Corporate Business Address, Mail Forwarding.
6. Your corporate record book, which will include:
 -Deluxe three ring binder with slipcover customized with the name of your corporation
 -The original certified articles of incorporation, file-stamped by the Nevada, Delaware or Wyoming Secretary of State
 -An official corporate charter imprinted with the state corporate seal
 -A complete 16-page set of corporate bylaws defining the operation of your corporation, its officers, directors and shareholders
 -Minutes of your first board of directors meeting and shareholders meeting to activate your incorporation
 -Highest quality share certificates issued.
 -A stock transfer ledger allowing you to record the shareholders of your corporation, if desired
 -General instructions describing the purpose of each of the corporate documents

At NO extra cost, you will also have the following:

1. For your LLC or Corporation, we can provide you an experienced nominee officer/director for your corporation, giving the beneficial owners the greatest privacy and anonymity.  You CANNOT have asset protection without being shielded behind someone else you can pick your own nominee if you desire.
2. Preparation of equity-stripping liens to protect assets you need to keep in your own name but still want to be out of reach of any attorney or judge.
3. To open a bank account your corporation will require a federal tax identification number.
4. Referral to accounting firm for accounting questions, nationally known for its tax strategies.)

Email or call us for the price of the all-inclusive price of our incorporation services.

We treat our clients like family. You will always be able to reach us quickly, even after business hours, weekends and holidays. You always get complete and highly personalized attention.


Toll free 1-888-521-6577    
Your privacy is our business.
Our strategies have all been tested in the real world and we guarantee they perform flawlessly. 
We accept M/C, Visa, AMEX, Discover.
Your corporation formed in 24 hours.
Your complete confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed


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