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About Us

Individually tailored asset protection plans and structures provided by Global Asset Advisors, Inc, accredited member Better Business Bureau with A+ rating. All work is processed and payments collected by  Global Asset Advisors, Inc - Capital Asset, Inc is a consulting office only for the company.

NOT an Internet company, but a brick and mortar office  continuously in business 20 years, with many thousands of clients. Offices in California, Nevada, Wyoming and Florida with clients in all 50 states.

Corporate headquarters in Palm Springs/Indian Wells CA. In-office visits by appointment only. Most people are ale to get all questions answered and plans designed for them, as well as get their entities set up for them via phone consultation, email and fax without having to come in person.

Clients in every state, it does not matter where you live to secure all of your assets from any attack.

We strive to keep fees low enough to attract a broad base of clientele, and still keep the services at a highest-quality level.  

Full-service asset protection planning tailored specifically to you and your needs, not a generic product out of a box that you will never know how to use or how to move assets into.

A corporation, FLP or LLC by itself, even in Nevada or Wyoming, does not provide asset protection that will stand up to attack from lawsuit attorneys, creditors and liens. What gives the protection is the operating agreements, supporting legal documents and services layered onto the corporation that take advantage of these state's unique laws. A cheap, basic corporation will not protect you against any attack. A LLC you are using to run your business will not also protect you from attack. Asset protection via a separate entity needs to be layered onto your business LLC to protect it. 

Everything is done for you to set up and maintain your asset protection, all the complicated planning and paperwork to move assets in and out and unlimited so you always know how to use it.

Easy, fast and convenient for you. Set it and forget it!

Offering Corporations in Nevada, Delaware and Wyoming, Nevada and Wyoming LLCs, Nevada and Wyoming Family Limited Partnerships, US Grantor offshore trusts and international business corporations.

The protective techniques used are all strategies which have been court-approved by the legal system and fully compliant with IRS regulation. Everything we provide is tax-neutral.

The only company to offer a truly asset-protected LLC. Everyone else provides a generic operating agreement - ours is 100 pages hand-crafted to take full advantage of every clause of Nevada's and Wyoming's unique privacy and protection laws.

Philosophy centers on treating clients like family with a lot of individualized attention. We provide affordable customer service quickly and efficiently. Lawyers routinely charge too much and fail to communicate enough with their clients. We guarantee we provide the best customer service you've ever received, and we guarantee your complete protection from even the most aggressive person or agency pursuing you.

Large and highly experienced association of legal and asset protection specialists worldwide. 

Bulletproof your business and personal assets from any lawsuit.

We are not accountants and do not render tax advice, but in some cases can refer you to excellent tax guidance.



Call Now to Speak to a Live Consultant.

Global Asset Advisors, Inc.

'A+' BBB rating






One-on-one-consulting: Senior asset protection planning consultants who are themselves company presidents, attorneys, MBAs, and professional investors are uniquely qualified to help you formulate a sound asset protection plan customized to your needs.


Our top consultant in our Eastern office holds a MBA in Entrepreneurship with 15 years experience in asset management and preservation. Our staff can help any business owner, investor, physician  or entrepreneur manage and protect all assets, business and personal.


Our Western office includes experienced asset protection specialists advised by asset protection attorneys, a former bank vice president, and owners of companies themselves, with 20 years experience advising clients in all areas of effective asset protection.


Our entire staff of highly experienced, specialized associates is ready to serve you.

Call or drop us a line for details and for a full-service written asset protection plan structured for your individual needs.

Who We Are Not:

1. We do not do do loan modification for you

2. We do not negotiate with creditors  for you

3. We do not handle foreclosure or bankruptcy issues




There is no effective asset protection against divorce (except a pre-nup)


There is no asset protection against IRS tax liens , bankruptcy, W2 income garnishment or child support so do not call us with these issues.


We do not protect against IRS liens or frustrate IRS collection efforts in any way.


Head Office: Palm Springs/Indian Wells, CA

Registered Agent Offices: Nevada, Wyoming

Initial  Phone Consultation free. Office Visits by Appointment  Only.

All funds collected by and all work performed by Global Asset Advisors, Inc. a 'A+" , BBB certified and approved company

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