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Avoid These Business Scams


Everyone is vulnerable to a scam, including business owners. Customers will try to find ways to save money by ripping off businesses. Retailers are common targets of scams. When making change, customers sometimes try to trick businesses by trying to make money change hands as often as possible. This is accomplished by handing the business a large bill and then swapping several bills back and forth in the hopes that the cashier will lose track of what is happening, allowing the customer to trick the cashier into handing over more money than necessary.


In some cases, a store can have bar codes that can be easily removed from the products. This can lead to the cashier registering a product for less than the product was actually worth. This is especially effective if the customer has several pieces of merchandise being scanned and the cashier can easily lose track of what the customer was purchasing originally. Customers may also try to hide products within packaging. The best way to prevent these scams is to make it difficult for customers to tamper with the packaging.



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Many businesses must secure more capital in order to maximize their growth. However, during economic downturns, it can be difficult to find lenders that are willing to lend money at a reasonable interest rate. This leads to many businesses falling prey to the same lending scams that plague general consumers. These scams will ask the borrower to send several months worth of payment in advance. However, when the consumer sends these payments, the lender disappears with the money.


Scammers will also take advantage of the fact that there are many regulations that businesses are expected to abide by and that businesses can have a difficult time keeping track of all of these regulations. A scammer might call claiming that a business's notice or poster is out of date and claim that a fee must be paid immediately to avoid legal action.


When a business falls victim to a scam, it can suffer major financial difficulties as a result. Fortunately, there are many programs that will insure businesses against a multitude of scams, many of which can be found at


Another approach is for scammers to overpay for a service and then request that they be reimbursed. The scammers send a check and then demand that they be reimbursed quickly. When the checks are actually cashed, they bounce.

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