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We design, form and service asset-protected LLCs, corporations, trusts and family limited partnerships


Why Protect Yourself?

If you lose your assets your accounts, cash, cars, real estate, small business, income  - you lose your financial lifestyle and security. You may look at your home as nothing more than a building. But would you want to be forced out, pack up your family and wave goodbye to your friends and the neighborhood where your children are growing up?

  • Asset protection allows you maintain your financial lifestyle.

  • Asset protection provides you peace of mind that your nest egg will still be there when you retire and need it.

  • Asset protection protects you from harm, financial predators and will prevent or discourage lawsuits. Lawyers get 40% of what they can take from you by way of judgment. If you have no exposed assets, lawyers and their clients gain no financial advantage by suing you.

  • Asset protection prevents all your assets from being taken from you by expensive nursing home care when you are elderly.

What Could I Possibly Be Sued For?

Personal lawsuits arising from: Divorce. Lawsuits by children. Lawsuits from business partners. Creditors claims. Accidental injury caused by a family member. Pregnancy (your son gets a girl pregnant). Personal injury caused by a drinking guest. Personal injury caused by your teenager driver hitting another car. Personal injury when a guest slips and falls. And much more.

Employment lawsuits arising from: Age discrimination. Racial discrimination. Gender discrimination. Religious discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination. Disability discrimination. Mental illness discrimination. Addiction discrimination. Sexual harassment. Peer harassment. Gossip among employees. Job references (good or bad). Whistle blowing. Retaliation. Wrongful termination. Negligent employee retention. Releasing medical information. Unequal mental vs. physical health coverage. Employee injury from chemical exposure. And much more.

Professional Malpractice lawsuits
arising from: Medical malpractice. Legal malpractice. Psychological malpractice. Engineering malpractice. Architectural malpractice. And much more.

Business Liability lawsuits arising from: Environmental cleanup liability. Products liability. Shareholder liability. Securities fraud. Liability of outside directors. Liability from unsatisfied customers. Personal injury when a customer drinks too much and hurts someone. Personal injury when a customer slips and falls. And much more.

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Specific Asset Protection Strategies combining LP with LLC and revocable trust

Specific Asset Protection Strategies combining LLC with revocable trust


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How Do We Protect You?


For your brokerage and other accounts: an asset- protected LLC  and/or family limited partnership.

  • Neutral taxation

  • 100% protection from  lawsuits and creditors or any other financial attack.

For your home: an asset-protected family limited partnership.

  • strips the exposed equity from the home so no lien can be placed on your equity

For your rental property: an asset-protected LLC.

  • properties deed transferred into the LLC


Fast, convenient. We form  it, transfer assets into it, service it and consult with you. Discover how easy it is to asset protect your home, bank accounts, real estate, business, and stocks/mutual funds.




1. You hold assets in your own name:


You have no asset protection and are vulnerable to attack by any creditor or lawyer wanting to file a lawsuit against you.  A judgment creditor can swoop in easily and attach  any assets you have.

2. You do NOT hold title to your assets in your own name:


Your Family Limited Partnership holds title but as general partner you control everything.  It is no longer easy for creditors to discover what you own and it is very difficult, if not impossible for them to break through.


If you want even more privacy and anonymity, we can assign your Nevada or offshore corporation as the general partner. You can also use more than one Family Limited Partnership. This way you can segregate safe assets like bank accounts, from risky assets like investment real estate, boats, and planes.




LLC Combined With FLP and Revocable Trust

  • We form for you an asset-protected Nevada LLC with to hold risky assets like real estate or to run your business privately. Our Nevada LLC is the strongest out there, with a 100-page operating agreement designed specifically to take full advantage of every one of Nevada's asset protection laws. Guaranteed to stand up to any creditor or attacking attorney.

  • We form for you an FLP to protect your personal assets and to work with the LLC in a specific way.

  • We structure everything so that everything flows through your revocable trust for all assets to pass easily to heirs.

  • The FLP will hold safe assets like bank accounts, and we will prepare for you an equity stripping lien with consideration, for the FLP to place on your home to secure its equity.



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