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   We design, form and service asset-protected LLCs, corporations, trusts and family limited partnerships


Full-Service Corporation, LLC or Limited Partnership



We form a truly asset-protected C-corp or LLC customized to your needs, not the generic, unprotected corporation out of a box that other companies give you.

Superior to any trust for asset protection.

It does not matter where you live. We have clients in all 50 states sleeping better at night under the protection of asset-protected corporate entities.

A properly setup Nevada corporation, Wyoming corporation, Delaware corporation, Nevada or Wyoming LLC, or Limited Partnership is the best way in the U.S. to hold ownership of any real estate, bank or brokerage account, vehicle, and any other assets, with guaranteed financial privacy, 100% asset protection from lawsuit or any attack on assets.  Read More

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Do you know that partnerships, corporations and LLCs in most states make you completely visible? If a judge can see your assets, he can seize them.

  • Nevada and Wyoming have no state corporate income tax. Most states have corporate taxes of 4 percent to over 12 percent. Use your Nevada Corporation to sidestep these taxes.
  • Nevada and Wyoming have no state personal income tax. An experienced CPA can showyou how to reduce your personal income tax with a Nevada or Wyoming Corporation. A Nevada or Wyoming C-Corporation only pays 15 percent federal tax on the first $50,000 of income.
  • You may be able to use this fact to avoid paying 28 percent or more on your personal income.
  • Use your Nevada, Wyoming or Delaware Corporation to pay your travel, entertainment, and health expenses.
  • Use your Nevada, Wyoming, or Delaware Corporation to pay your automobile expenses - or even to buy and own your car for both asset protection and tax savings.
  • Use your Nevada, Wyoming or Delaware Corporation to reduce taxes by placing family members - including minor children - on the corporate payroll. Use your Corporation to create a Pension and Profit Sharing Plan which is fully funded by the corporation to insure a comfortable retirement nest egg.
  • Greatly reduce any self-employment taxes with a Corporation and save an additional 15 percent on your personal taxes. We show you how to use your Corporation to pay all your medical bills as a totally deductible corporate expense.
  • Significantly reduce any Worker's Compensation expenses with your Corporation.
  • Cut your tax liability by paying all of your child's college expenses through a Corporation.
  • Eliminate any double taxation by investing any excess corporate profits in new business ventures, investments, a second home, or other real estate.
  • Move your personal income to multiple Corporations owned by separate extended family members to take advantage of the lower corporate tax rates on the first $50,000 of any corporate income.
  • Use your Corporation to own a condominium as a business location to maximize your tax deductions.
  • Use your Corporation to open a stock brokerage account to reduce taxes and provide asset protection.
  • Shift your gross profits from a tax state to tax-free Nevada using your Nevada Corporation and realize immediate tax savings.
  • Foreign nationals with no Social Security numbers can use a Nevada Corporation to pay income tax.
  • You can qualify your Corporation as a Subchapter S corporation, allowing you to withdraw money from the corporation as a non-taxable dividend from the corporate accumulative earnings account.

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Specific Asset Protection Strategies combining LP with LLC and revocable trust

Specific Asset Protection Strategies combining LLC with revocable trust


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Fast, convenient. We form  it, transfer assets into it, service it and consult with you. Discover how easy it is to asset protect your home, bank accounts, real estate, business, and stocks/mutual funds.




For LLCs: 100-page operating agreement
that takes full advantage of every one of Nevada's superior privacy and asset protection laws. No one else offers a truly asset-protected LLC. Guaranteed to stand up to any creditor or attacking attorney.

For LLCs and corporations: Nominee Service available/Registered Agent. Complete anonymity for you, yet you alone own and control the corporation.

Application for tax EIN.

Corporate Business Registered Office Address.

24/7 consultation. Our strategies are court battled — tested and bulletproof. We have many years of actual experience in asset protection, and we closely watch all pertinent federal and state court cases to always know the exact strategies that guarantee your protection. No one else does this.

Mail Drop Forwarding available.

Preparation of equity stripping liens to protect assets you need to keep in your name (other lien services charge hundreds to thousands of dollars per lien). equity stripping liens are the #1 strategy of ALL top real estate developers, and the wealthy.

Guidance in opening brokerage/checking accounts.

Referral to Experienced accounting consultation. Slash your personal and business taxes with nationally-recognized CPA firm for tax strategies.

Complete services available to execute a variety of Asset Protection strategies, including General Assignment, Assignment of Promissory Note, Bill of Sale, Deed, Deed of Trust, Deed of Full Reconveyance, Assignment of Deed of Trust, Employment Agreement, Corporate Telephone Number, Leases, Mortgage, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Promissory Note, Power of Attorney, Revocation of Power of Attorney, Stock Purchase Agreement

Key Benefits:

  • No creditor or collection attorney/judge can attach you.
  • Low corporate federal tax rate for C corporations — just 15 percent. No state income tax, no corporate tax.
  • Easily preserve your estate for your heirs without probate or estate taxes.
  • No minimum startup capital required.
  • No annual reports necessary.
  • A Nevada, Delaware or Wyoming corporation can own property/assets in any state.

We protect you against:

Employment lawsuits arising from: Age discrimination. Racial discrimination. Gender discrimination. Religious discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination. Disability discrimination. Mental illness discrimination. Addiction discrimination. Sexual harassment. Peer harassment. Gossip among employees. Job references (good or bad). Whistle blowing. Retaliation. Wrongful termination. Negligent employee retention. Releasing medical information. Unequal mental vs. physical health coverage. Employee injury from chemical exposure. And much more.

Professional Malpractice lawsuits
arising from: Medical malpractice. Legal malpractice. Psychological malpractice. Engineering malpractice. Architectural malpractice. And much more.

Business Liability lawsuits arising from: Environmental cleanup liability. Products liability. Shareholder liability. Securities fraud. Liability of outside directors. Liability from unsatisfied customers. Personal injury when a customer drinks too much and hurts someone. Personal injury when a customer slips and falls. And much more.

Personal lawsuits arising from: Divorce. Lawsuits by children. Lawsuits from business partners. Creditors claims. Accidental injury caused by a family member. Pregnancy (your son gets a girl pregnant). Personal injury caused by a drinking guest. Personal injury when a guest slips and falls. And much more.


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