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Why Are So Many Americans Going Offshore?


 Because of the litigation explosion in the U.S. and

elsewhere, professionals and small business owners are

forced to focus on ways to protect their savings,

investments and other accumulated assets that may be

 attractive targets for hungry trial lawyers.

In the U.S. Legal System, the deck is often stacked in

 favor of plaintiffs and against defendants. Because this

observation encourages the filing of spurious lawsuits,

the average business owner or professional may be sued several times during his or her lifetime, thereby facing the  possibility of being on the receiving end of a ruinous judgment. Failure to plan for such a situation can result in the instant loss of a lifetime's accumulated wealth.


Once a lawsuit has been filed, or one is anticipated, the U.S. legal system will not allow assets to be moved.

Acting now while the waters are calm is imperative.


Finding Your Assets

 Lawyers for plaintiffs only prosecute cases they believe will pay off, not cases against judgment-proof defendants.


 How does a lawyer find out if you have something of

value? Very easily. Many services are available that can

provide a detailed account of personal and/or business

bank accounts, property ownership, investment holdings,  income, savings and many other facts relating to your financial well being. The only hope of getting the plaintiff's lawyer to accept a token settlement is to convince the lawyer that the defendant's assets are truly beyond the lawyer's reach.


Corporate Ownership

How can you minimize the chances of losing assets? By becoming a smaller target. How can you become a smaller target? By shrinking the size of your estate so that you are no longer the legal owner of the assets to be controlled and enjoyed. How can you shrink your estate? By getting as many assets out of your personal name as  possible. One of the best ways to do this is to transfer  money, investments and assets into a corporation, a legal entity that you control.


Offshore Accounts

Offshore accounts!?  Uh oh. . . sounds like something for drug dealers, dictators, money launderers, crooks, and scum.  But wait. . . don't Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Intel, Citicorp, and American Express have Offshore accounts?  The Federal Government has consistently characterized offshore accounts as tools of the devil.  They have successfully frightened the average American into believing that if they move any of their money outside the U.S. they are unpatriotic, slippery, cheaters, etc. 

There is a double standard in the U.S.  When rich and famous people or their corporations open offshore accounts they call it financial planning or globalization.  When everyday people like you and me open up an offshore account it's assumed we're doing something wrong when in fact there is nothing illegal about it. 

Keep Liquid Assets From Being Seized Without Notice

Increasingly, Americans have come to realize that any liquid assets they may have in the U.S. can be seized without notice by the Justice Department, Homeland Security, or any other Federal Agency.  The Bill of Rights is dead and gone.  The Feds can and will seize or freeze any asset or bank account without notice, due process of law, right to counsel, your day in court, regardless of your innocence or guilt, and they'll do it with a smile knowing the more money they seize the more likely they are to get promoted. 

How Does It Work?

We use encrypted software, mobile memory sticks, and we back up any information in countries outside the U.S.  There are no paper statements, no debit cards, and all of the accounts are in the names of an IBC, just exactly the way Microsoft does it.  We imitate in every detail what multinational companies do when they open an offshore account.  Most of our clients use a nominee - they are not officers, directors, or shareholders of the IBC. However as signatory or beneficial owner of an offshore account, you need to understand there are heavy tax reporting requirements.      






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Until the proliferation of the Internet, most Americans suffered from a chronic case of xenophobia triggered by the fact that 80% of them didn't have passports and had never traveled beyond Disney World.  That's changing.  As more people trust the Internet with their credit cards, social security numbers, and personal information, the world has shrunk and moving money outside the country doesn't sound so exotic.  Outsourcing is the norm.


Approximately 35% of all U.S. tax returns are now prepared by accountants in India.  Customer service calls are handled by English speaking people in China.  Opening an online stock brokerage account with Etrade, Ameritrade, or Scotttrade takes about four minutes giving anyone access to any global financial instrument.


Do you really feel safe with those spiky haired dimwits at your personal bank?  You know, the rude jerks who "hold" your deposit checks, charge outrageous fees, keep stringent records of your visits to your safety deposit box, and file "suspicious activity reports" on you with the Treasury Department?


The U.S. banking system has been more than marginalized, it's been nationalized.   Do you remember when you could open a bank account without a social security number (and the toasters were free)?

Going Offshore Will Not Evade Taxes

Going offshore will not save you any money on your taxes.  It's purely an asset protection strategy that moves liquid assets beyond the jurisdiction of the U.S. court system.  Every U.S. citizen is required to report any income they generate anywhere in the world.  We instruct our clients to buy a Nevada corporation and use it to report any offshore income if they want privacy in offshore income reporting.


One of the services we provide is that the nominee officer/director for the Nevada corporation, can sign any federal, corporate tax return, so long as the return is prepared by a CPA.  From cradle to grave, our clients never have to reveal their names or social security numbers and they are in compliance with all U.S. tax laws.  Their anonymity and privacy are never compromised.



Neither a Federal Judge or any Federal agency has any authority outside the U.S.  They can protect their fiefdom by seizing cash within our borders, but their reach doesn't extend to other sovereign nations.  As investors, we've all been told to diversify our portfolios.  That's what we tell our clients, too.


If you have after-tax money you don't need to operate your business or manage your day-to-day life, move a portion of it offshore.  They pay the same or slightly better interest on a money market fund as you're paid in the U.S. and you can invest in stocks and bonds, at your option.  Let's call this financial planning, globalization, or breaking down our borders with our neighbors. . . that's what Bill, Melinda and Microsoft call it. 


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