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We form and service asset-protection that will shield

 you from any malpractice lawsuit.

What is asset protection?


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Protect the assets of your practice and your personal assets

 from any lawsuit

Doctors are the #1 target of hungry attorneys.

Regardless of how you are running your practice, you need to have the proper mix of asset-protected entities to shield both your business and your personal assets from any attack.

We have physician clients in all 50 states sleeping better at night, with the knowledge they cannot be sued successfully by anyone for any reason.

We use one or more of the following:

Nevada corporations, Nevada LLCs, Nevada family limited partnerships, Wyoming corporations and LLCs, Delaware corporations, U.S. Grantor trusts, offshore IBCs.


Call us for consultation on which entity(ies) is best for your needs.


2 out of 3 doctors will be sued in 2010.

67% of malpractice lawsuits exceed malpractice coverage limits. The doctor is personally liable for the excess. Doctors need effective medical asset protection. Read about the malpractice lawsuit problem.

There is a disturbing, growing trend of criminalizing medical decisions. Doctors don't just lose their

medical license, they go to jail. Doctors have been charged with murder this year just for under or over-prescribing pain meds.

If you carry a large bank or brokerage account, a large malpractice policy, business and personal assets, you WILL be targeted by an attorney. You must have

medical asset protection such that you cannot be successfully sued by anyone.

An attorney needs only 10 minutes to find every asset you have ever owned from past to present. A more detailed search using their private investigator will find assets in your father's brother's best friend's uncle's name that you have tried to hide. Putting assets in the name of spouse, family or friends does not work. 

The only way to guarantee you cannot lose anything to a lawsuit is to have asset protection where no judge or attorney can find or see what you own, thus they

cannot seize your assets. An entity that you can be completely anonymous and invisible behind, yet control completely:



Limited Partnerships


Asset Protected Corporations and LLCs


Corporations in Wyoming, Delaware, Nevada


Offshore Solutions


We protect you against:

Employment lawsuits arising from: Age discrimination. Racial discrimination. Gender discrimination. Religious discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination. Disability discrimination. Mental illness discrimination. Addiction discrimination. Sexual harassment. Peer harassment. Gossip among employees. Job references (good or bad). Whistle blowing. Retaliation. Wrongful termination. Negligent employee retention. Releasing medical information. Unequal mental vs. physical health coverage. Employee injury from chemical exposure. And much more.

Professional Malpractice lawsuits
arising from: Medical malpractice. Legal malpractice. Psychological malpractice. Engineering malpractice. Architectural malpractice. And much more.

Business Liability lawsuits arising from: Environmental cleanup liability. Products liability. Shareholder liability. Securities fraud. Liability of outside directors. Liability from unsatisfied customers. Personal injury when a customer drinks too much and hurts someone. Personal injury when a customer slips and falls. And much more.

Personal lawsuits arising from: Divorce. Lawsuits by children. Lawsuits from business partners. Creditors claims. Accidental injury caused by a family member. Pregnancy (your son gets a girl pregnant). Personal injury caused by a drinking guest. Personal injury when a guest slips and falls. And much more.


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Discover how real people just like you are asset protecting their home, bank accounts, real estate, securities. We do everything required to form, set up and service asset protection structures customized to your needs. It does not matter where you live and practice, we have clients in all 50 states.


Negotiating your way through the filling out and filing of forms can be a daunting task. We will do all of this plus we will make sure that your assets are properly transferred and titled and that the structure is set up the best way possible.


We will analyze your individual situation and needs and recommend several different scenarios and price points to assist you in  making the best choice possible.


We will quote you one price that will encompass all of our services.  If necessary, we will make offshore solutions a part of your domestic structure in order to give it more strength and viability.

For Example:


1. You hold assets in your own name:


You have no asset protection and are vulnerable to attack by any creditor or lawyer wanting to file a lawsuit against you.  A judgment creditor can swoop in easily and attach  any assets you have.

2. You do NOT hold title to your assets in your own name:


Your Family Limited Partnership holds title but as general partner you control everything.  It is no longer easy for creditors to discover what you own and it is very difficult, if not impossible for them to break through.


If you want even more privacy and anonymity, a Nevada or offshore corporation properly structured will work with the FLP to segregate safe assets like bank accounts, from risky assets like investment real estate, boats, and planes.


LLC for Asset Protection, Combined With FLP and Revocable Trust

  • We form for you a Nevada LLC with to hold risky assets like real estate or to run your business privately. Our Nevada LLC is the strongest out there, with a 100-page operating agreement designed specifically to take full advantage of every one of Nevada's asset protection laws. Guaranteed to stand up to any creditor or attacking attorney.

  • We form for you an FLP to work together with the LLC in a particular way.

  • We structure everything to flow through your revocable trust so all assets pass easily to heirs.

  • The FLP will hold safe assets like bank accounts, and we will prepare for you a equity-stripping lien with consideration for the FLP to place on your home to secure its exposed equity.

3. Protecting Your Business Assets:


Your Nevada, Wyoming, Delaware or offshore corporation provides a line of credit secured by the assets of your existing domestic business that's in your state.


The assets can be equipment, autos, stock accounts etc. Since ownership of a Nevada corporation and especially an offshore corporation is secret and anonymous, your involvement in these companies is not known. You sign on the bank accounts but the offshore trust company will hold your shares secretly.

Now all your assets, personal as well as business, are encumbered and a creditor will have little luck in reaching you.


4. Using a domestic or offshore corporation to add extra protection to a FLP:


Your Nevada, Delaware, Wyoming corporation,  or offshore corporation provides an equity line of credit to your limited partnership and takes a 2nd trust deed as an equity stripping lien with consideration, to secure its position. The Nevada Corporation or Foreign Corporation will be ahead of any creditor that files a lien. When the first trust deed is paid off, the Nevada or foreign corporations now are in first position. Upon a sale the proceeds will be paid to the Nevada or foreign corporation.

5. Tax Savings Strategy for your existing business:

Are These The Only Scenarios?

No, the above examples are just a few ways that asset protection can be put to use to protect your home and business assets. There are many more ways and methods of doing things. Contact us to find out what works best for you. A good plan requires time to set up, the proper transfer of assets, and solid documentation, all of which we do for you.


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