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"My attorney told me I should get an offshore trust. But he was going to charge $20,000 to get it set up. You formed the exact same trust for less than half of that. It saved my backside from a very aggressive lawsuit. I'm sitting pretty, didn't lose a dollar."
H.Wharton, Denver, CO

"You got my Nevada corporation formed in 24 hours. That's service, thanks! You guys have always treated me like I'm the most important customer you have, like family. That's hard to find anywhere these days." C.I. Hansen, Fairbanks, AK

"My advisors were all recommending complicated irrevocable trusts that would be written in stone. I wouldn't be able to change them later. You set me up with a family limited partnership that does everything I need and is completely flexible to my needs. ." T. Aspinall, Salt Lake City, UT

"I was able to cut my malpractice insurance way down. The first year savings in premiums were more than twice your fee. And I'll keep saving it every year."  Dr. W. Laury.

"I'm using the protected LLC to run my internet business and have survived every asset search that my greedy competitors have tried.  Plus my teenager son got into an accident, I thought we'd be sued big time but when they saw no assets in the asset search, they left us alone."

"I already have a corporation for my business here in California, but when I found out you could help me shift income to Nevada and save a ton of taxes, I went for it. I can't believe how well the California and Nevada corporations work together. I'm saving probably $30,000 a year in taxes, and protecting my assets." I. Wong, Torrance, CA



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"Your staff is very knowledgeable and organized. Asset protection, lawsuit prevention, creditor protection -- you have the answers to all my questions. I haven't been able to come up any situation yet that you haven't known how to handle." M. McDevitt, Tamawaipas, Mexico

There's nothing out there as stealthy as this. I have complete peace of mind and I'm no longer tossing and turning every night, worried about lawsuits." J. Benson, Detroit, MI.

"I thought I'd have to declare bankruptcy. But with my assets protected, it wasn't necessary."  L.K.B.

"I checked the Internet. I attended seminars. You provide by far the best service for the best price. You were very professional." S. Ronnagel, San Pedro, CA

"I thought offshore shelters were only for rich, famous people. You showed me how an IBC protects me, the little guy -- it protects what all my savings from people who want to take it away from me." J.R.S.

"We were concerned about moving our assets to a foreign country. But we just moved ownership to our IBC. The actual assets are still here." Mr. and Mrs. K.A.

"You just saved me a TON of taxes, thank you! Also I now have an easy, convenient and protected company from which to operate my Internet business, making sales around the world."  D. Edwards, London, U.K

"I was afraid with the time difference it would be difficult to reach you. But no matter when I ring, someone is always there to help me. Merci." Y. Lyons, Paris, France


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